Fife Golf Courses

We’re in golfing heaven!!!

Fife, or the Kingdom of Fife, is located on the east coast of Scotland and is home to approximately 45 different golf courses. It is a historic region and is famous for the St Andrews Golf Club that was established here more than six centuries ago. In the year 1457, James II banned the sport of golf, as did James III in 1471 and James IV in 1491. But in 1502, James VI eventually bought himself a few golf clubs and gave in to the addictive sport of golf. St Andrews grew significantly over the years, till it opened its 7th golf course in 2007, which was named the Castle Course. Amongst the other popular golf courses in Fife, golfers can look forward to a wonderful golfing day at Dukes, Kingsbarns, Scotsgraig, Crail at Balcomie, Ladybank and Lundin. Fife is a beautiful part of Scotland and it can be seen in the spectacular settings that the golf courses have been designed on